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M & A Surveys Ltd are a company of Land and Engineering Surveyors, who pride themselves on providing a fast, efficient and cost effective surveying service. Should you have any queries that we may be able to help you with please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, fax or  e-mail.

The list of services that we can provide is shown below. The survey results can be e-mailed direct to your office in your preferred format.
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In the field data capture using state of the art surveying instrumentation. Mapping usually produced at scales between 1:500 and 1:2500 which can be provided in your required digital format and/or hard copy.

Example Applications: Planning Applications, Estate Design, Mineral Extraction/Land fill, Environmental Assessment.


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Surveying for Civil Engineering works with the accuracy required for structural design and the ability to set out those design accurately. Drawings usually produced at scales between 1:200 and 1:500 and provided in your required digital format or hard copy.

Example Applications: Highway design, Structural design, Setting out.


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Surveys of building facades and internal layouts. Using state of the art laser instruments surveys can be undertaken in working environments without the need for tape measures. Direct connection of instruments to field computers allows real-time drawing visualisation with CAD. Drawings usually produced at scales between 1:50 and 1:200.

Example Applications: Architectural design, Renovation /Refurbishment, Mechanical and Electrical services renewal.


Click here to go back to the top of the page Deformation and Subsidence Monitoring

Is it moving, and if so by how much and in which direction? These questions can all be answered by using a high precision monitoring network designed, for the individual project.

Example Applications: Subsidence monitoring, Deformation monitoring.


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Surveys for railway projects. All our staff are PTS qualified and are used to working under the safety restrictions in the railway environment. we have considerable experience of night time railway working.

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Surveying and location of surface and underground voids for site investigation, statutory requirements and volume analysis.
Example Applications: Void surveys, volume calculations, Establishment of underground control, Location of mines relative to surface features/mapping.

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Provision of survey control for terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry. The commissioning, field verification and infilling of derived mapping.
Example Applications: Large mapping projects and mapping of areas of restricted access. e.g. motorways.

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Location of underground services and utilities.

Example Applications: Services mapping, service location for site safety purposes.


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Surveys of property boundaries and the establishment of undefined boundaries, Expert witness.

Example Applications: Setting out of defined and undefined boundaries, Plans for boundary dispute cases, Area calculations, Setting out and surveying of way leaves and footpaths etc., Expert witness for boundary disputes.


Click here to go back to the top of the pageGlobal Positioning System (G.P.S)

Where on the world is it? Global positioning to determine position rapidly anywhere on the earth, using satellite data.

Example Applications: Geodetic Standard survey control, pipeline surveys, utility location, GIS data capture, flood plain modelling.


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Surveys and the calculation of volumes and cut/fill balance.

Example Applications: Volumes of excavations for quarries. Volumes of void space for landfill sites, volume calculation based on property boundaries for royalty payments.

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Surveys of areas of restricted or difficult access due to height or other safety constraints.

Example Applications: Surveys of steep embankments or cliffs, bridge surveys, rooftop surveys.


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Plans of premises regulation drawings for details of regulation 23 click the button.  

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